Game of Owns - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones podcast

Gather round yon crackling fire and join the hosts of GOO in a celebration of all things celebratorial.

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ACOK Chapter 60: Sansa VI

Two guys and a girl lead you through a telling conversation between Sansa and the Queen — riddled with lots of wine, women, and an impressive assortment of war-time finger foods.

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ACOK Chapter 59: Tyrion XIII

Blackwater blazes forward as the battle threatens the Mud Gate and all housed within Kings Landing, with none to save them but an evil demon monkey.
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ACOK Chapter 58: Davos III

Ser Davos Seaworth and his fleet of ill-informed seaships coast into Blackwater Bay, to begin their assault on the Landing of Kings!

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ACOK Chapter 57: Sansa V

Sansa Stark does spare a prayer for the gemmed and suited King Joffrey Baratheon as Kings Landing begins the defense against his dear Uncle's invading mass of ship and foe.

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Game of Owns returns with another chapter into the cold and lonely stone of Winterfell, where Theon's dear sister does visit his long-lived home away from home, with great advice that is far too lost.

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ACOK Chapter 55: Catelyn VII

Join the crew of GOO in a Humpday stroll through Catelyn Stark's final point of view in A Clash of Kings!

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Join Micah, Eric, and Zack in a day of thanks and celebration as your friends in spirit share in a day of thanks with one another, to the sound of your collective shoutings of thanks and jubilatory happenings.

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ACOK Chapter 54: Tyrion 12 

Tensions between brother and sister are at an all-time high as Cersei reveals her capture of someone close to Tyrion. Meanwhile, your hosts prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

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ACOK Chapter 53: Jon VII

Fate has been extra generous to Jon Snow this day, as he dreams his way into adventures previously reserved for another Stark brother. Eric and Micah dodge some dastardly eagles and try to avoid the poking Weirwoods on their path.

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ACOK Chapter 52: Sansa IV

Sansa is seeking a way out of King's Landing before the troops of Stannis arrive. However something occurs which ensures all eyes, including those of Eric and Micah (your faithful reading companions), are on her.

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ACOK Chapter 51: Jon VI

Join your favorite band of outliers (plus Jon Snow and a man named Stonesnake) in a climb to the top of your Monday evening, and then some.

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ACOK Chapter 50: Theon IV

Eric and Micah travel hand in hand through the forest of Theon Greyjoy’s unsettled mind, in search of the Stark children and small moments of silence between each speeding train.

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ACOK Chapter 49: Tyrion XI

Join Micah and Zack this Humpday as they revisit some of your undying theories, and enjoy an afternoon stroll along the walls of Kings Landing.

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ACOK Chapter 48: Daenerys IV

This new episode marks a turning point in the show, where dreams become reality and fear of future devastation and misery haunt Daenerys Stormborn as she travels through a labyrinth of sorrow.

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ACOK Chapter 47: Arya IX

A girl must give a man a name, and a show must discover another monumental deviance from a book to the television series.

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ACOK Chapter 46: Bran VI

Theon Greyjoy, cloaked in nought but shadow, enters the quiet collection of wood and stone known by name as Winterfell, and disrupts the path of our young Prince Bran forever.

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ACOK Chapter 45: Catelyn VI
Whispers of the Halloween season fade away as your brave hosts join Catelyn and the Tully’s in their defense of Riverrun.
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Eric and Zack ring in the upcoming Halloween offseason with story, song, and slides of your excellent Halloween costume submissions.

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ACOK Chapter 44: Tyrion X

In true day-before-Halloween spirit, join your four heroes as a discussion filled with shadow and dark places provides a fresh perspective on the troubled past of a certain mysterious man.

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ACOK Chapter 43: Jon V

Qhorin Halfhand has returned with troublesome news, and plans of a new quest heading deep into the North. Join your four heroes of GOO as they eavesdrop on another important conversation, deciding the fate of one our beloved Starks.

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Game of Owns is here with a solemn vow to lead the collected masses into another lonely weekend, riddled with tales of treachery on both sides, and an evil shadow from the...insides. It's the second part of a once long forgotten episode, enjoy!

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Game of Owns returns four host strong as the Lannister going-away party draws to a close, directly in the center of crowded and dangerous city streets. Oh my, oh my, there's gonna be a riot.

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ACOK Chapter 40: Daenerys III
The long weekend has passed, and another week has begun on Game of Owns. Journey with your hosts through the stoned streets of Qarth, in search of mystical people-charmers and help from those with which we hope to remain just friends.
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In another Humpday edition of Game of Owns, the boys take a look at Cat's arrival to Riverrun with a brand new friend in tow, meeting some familiar faces and not-so-familiar...traces.

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ACOK Chapter 38: Arya VIII

Arya's patience with her violent and annoying boss Weese has worn thin, and your heroes have returned to sing tales of justice with dog-like retribution.

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ACOK Chapter 37: Theon III

Micah has returned from the great city of Qarth (Manchester) to join the cast for another edition of Game of Owns this Friday, where Theon Greyjoy appears to have done something right. And terrible.

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ACOK Chapter 36: Tyrion VIII

Eric and Zack are back for another mid-week Game of Owns, and another undercover visit to King Joffrey's small council, as they debate and decide the wise next move after hearing interesting news.

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ACOK Chapter 35: Bran V

Brandon Stark can dream the future of Winterfell in this brand new episode of Game of Owns, but will you?

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In the midst of an absent Friday show, fabled voice-of-the-night the "Flying Wolf" shares a bite-sized look into the next upcoming Game of Owns episode.

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ACOK Chapter 34: Jon IV

In this Humpday edition of the show — Jon Snow is cold, and Game of Owns is old.

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ACOK Chapter 33: Catelyn IV

Renly Baratheon is suiting up for battle in this new episode of Game of Owns. Come sunrise, the feuding brothers Baratheon will settle a fatal score, and move another chapter forward in this read through of A Clash of Kings.

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ACOK Chapter 32: Sansa III

Joffrey and his evil deeds appear to have no horizon moving forward into another chapter of Clash of Kings, with your favorite companions of GOO thin of number and stomach for Sansa's visit to the Iron Throne.

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ACOK Chapter 31: Catelyn III

Stannis and Renly Baratheon finally meet, clashing by way of sorts into another episode with Game of Owns, where even the hosts are divided between who should rightfully rule Westeros.

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ACOK Chapter 30: Arya VII

Game of Owns returns with a guided tour of your favorite place in the entire Westeros — the fabulous Harrenhal. Lord Tywin Lannister and his men seek to reclaim the once formidable ruin as a tiny little mouse plots its entire demise.

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WinterIsComing.Net staff members Marko and FaBio have returned from their million mile journey far into a land of Titans, where a hidden font of fellowship and fun did equip them both for joining the show, and sharing these adventerous tales with your listening organs.

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ACOK Chapter 29: Tyrion VII

Game of Owns is back this Monday four-host-strong to guide you further along the secret places in the mind of Tyrion Lannister, and the plans he has in store for this Clash of Kings! 

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ACOK Chapter 28: Brain IV

Zack and Eric return with friends in tow, the Reeds have joined Bran for some much needed recreation away from the grown ones who know too much, and Hodor decides to take a swim without most of his clothes.

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ACOK Chapter 27: Daenerys II

Eric and Zack accompany our favorite comet pursuing khaleesi this day on Game of Owns, experiencing the multiple walled city of Qarth and its mysteriously lavish homes housing strange people.

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ACOK Chapter 26: Arya VI

Arya and company travel a treacherous trail this Monday, onward toward Harrenhal, led by the Mountain who is furious with a mysterious Brotherhood and other living humans.

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ACOK Chapter 25: Tyrion VI

Join Game of Owns this Friday on an epic journey through the mind of Tyrion Lannister as he ascends the tall stairs of the Iron Throne, and considers a new career in hair care.

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ACOK Chapter 24: Theon II

In an unlikely shadow of the Lannister twins, Theon Greyjoy and his sweet sister grace today's Wednesday episode, with terribly atrocious plans for our friends in the North.

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ACOK Chapter 23: Jon III

There is much to speak of as casting changes light the GOO switchboards and disrupt the calm of an otherwise chaptered Monday episode. With a pinch of chatter on the latest WiCnet Awards category, a dash of Sam, and a large handful of Jon Snow's wettened hair... please enjoy.

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ACOK Chapter 22: Catelyn II

Continuing the theme for this week, today we meet an old friend and new character, seeking employment opportunities within a large, mobile summer camp.

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ACOK Chapter 21: Bran III

It's back to the books (as they say) this Monday as Game of Owns returns in full force to bring you another chapter from Bran's eyes, and some new friends who may not be so new, to some of you.

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Winterphil joins the show today as the GOO hosts explore this year's WiCnet Awards, and all of its contenders.

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ACOK Chapter 20: Tyrion V

Heading back into A Clash of Kings, Game of Owns is here with yet another stretch of text in which Tyrion Lannister's strategies become even more complex, and even more dangerous.

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Game of Owns welcomes back Cat Taylor as she takes a small break from the loads of new and exciting work happening with Game of Thrones Season 4, to catch up with your hosts.

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ACOK Chapter 19: Arya V

And the fellowship continues its unravel, leaving Arya and company desperately fighting hunger, and another podcast for listening.

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ACOK Chapter 18: Sansa II

Sansa Stark joins the show today as Game of Owns moves through A Clash of Kings, heading toward a secret meeting at the godswood.

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ACOK Chapter 17: Tyrion IV

Moving forward into A Clash of Kings, Game of Owns has returned this Monday with a look inside of a particular busy day for our friend Tyrion Lannister. Oh the plans he has made.

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ACOK Chapter 16: Bran II

Welcome to the wonder world of Winterfell, where folks from all across the wide realm of the North here in Westeros, come to complain and ask for nice things to be handled for them. As Prince of the North, Bran must ride Hodor about this collection of people, and your GOO hosts must bring you this new chapter from A Clash of Kings.

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ACOK Chapter 15: Tyrion III

Game of Owns is back in full force, yet again for another chapter moving forward into our story, thanks to a Mr. Tyrion Lannister. The small council faces a big issue today, with questionable options on how to handle it, SO DON'T YOU STOP LISTENING.

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ACOK Chapter 14: Arya IV

Monday hath returned, and in proper fashion so does this show. The gang is in full force, taking a handful of surprise calls and chats with listeners like you, and talking Arya's violent new chapter in A Clash of Kings.

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ACOK Chapter 13: Jon II

Listen as Zack and Eric guide you into the weekend with another chapter from Geroge R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings! Jon Snow and the search party have discovered an abandoned village, and a very large tree.

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Simone Boyce joins the show to talk all things Thrones and SDCC 2013, recounting some of the more incredible moments during her work and play there this past weekend, and causing waves of jealousy with your GOO hosts.

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ACOK Chapter 12: Daenerys I

Monday strikes again as Game of Owns does bring yet another chapter from George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings to bed. Daenerys Targaryen and her followers chase the comet into a vast, empty city, and her first words in this book are spoken.

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ACOK Chapter 11: Theon I

...Or do they? In this highly-anticipated Friday episode, reasons for liking Theon are finally confessed and examined, amid discussion of his very first POV chapter in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Theon travels to Pyke where a reunion with his father does not go as planned, his uncle is a reformed cool guy, and the line of succession may skip him in favor of his sister...

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ACOK Chapter 10: Davos I

The day with a hump is here to stay as Game of Owns moves further into George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings. Join the GOO hosts in this epic read-along, and meet Ser Davos Seaworth in his first chapter ever!

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ACOK Chapter 9: Arya III

Monday returns, and so does Game of Owns. Journey along the Kingsroad with Arya and friends as they discover a cartload of troubles along the way.

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Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has survived the warging process to join Game of Owns today and talk all things leading into Season 4, and some very exciting convention happenings that will undoubtedly happen.

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ACOK Chapter 8: Tyrion II

The day is Friday, and the time is now — Game of Owns is back with another episode to lead into your weekend with truckloads of style and information, driving forward into another great chapter of A Clash of Kings!

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ACOK Chapter 7: Catelyn I

Hump day approacheth (it is actually here today) and Game of Owns is back with another fresh character chapter in George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings. Catelyn and the gang are visiting Riverrun, passing out orders and planning a make believe imaginary peace treaty that may just work..

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ACOK Chapter 6: Jon I

It's time to visit Jon and Sam for the first time ever in this Game of Owns adventure through A Clash of Kings. Selina has made it back from her trip through the wilderness to jump in on this discussion including but not limited to old books, royal gossip, and pickled aquatic creatures.

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ACOK Chapter 5: Arya II

The Gold Cloaks have located Gendry, bathing along with his road brothers in this weekend's Game of Owns. 

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ACOK Chapter 4: Bran I

It's an old song today on the show as the Big and Little Frey's go head-to-head with our hometown favorites, the Starks. Bran's first chapter in A Clash of Kings is upon us, where truck loads of imagery pointing toward different parts of the story become even more clear.

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ACOK Chapter 3: Tyrion I

Tyrion has returned to King's Landing, sealed letter in hand, as head of the newly structured Lannister cleanup crew to begin the extensively extensive process of removing the dark clouds young King Joffrey has spread over the city. It's Game of Owns, say hello.

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ACOK Chapter 2: Sansa I

Our new King Joffrey has become one year older, and zero years wiser that we can see through the eyes of Sansa throughout her first chapter in a Clash of Kings! A grand tournament has been assembled for young Joff, full of the best competitors the entire Seven Kingdoms have to offer...or something like that.

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ACOK Chapter 1: Arya I

And so it begins, chapter one of George R.R. Martin's amazing Clask of Kings. Arya joins the boys this week in a caravan heading out of King's Landing, and toward the sometimes awkard social exchanges with other young people.

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And so begins the long adventure through George R.R. Martin's fabled A Clash of Kings, guided by your favorite band of invisible talking faces. Meet major players Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth in this first GOO that is back to the books.

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Sit down with the boys in the wake of this week's live show to discuss the loose ends of Season 3, big and small picture plot points moving forward, and reveal their long awaited Owns of the Season! 

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Hear your own voices call in during the show for the first time ever in this live Game of Owns! Hundreds of dedicated listeners braved the cool down of Season 3 and joined the crew for a live recording and group session, discussing the ins and outs of the show so far, and the much awaited listener Owns of the Season!

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The time has come to find a well-made hat to place upon what has become an excellent stop in our journey through this story — HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 has come to an end, but Game of Owns and the memory of this season will live on!  

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Recorded in the twilight of a very Red Wedding indeed, Game of Owns is back this Friday with further thoughts on the week's events including but not limited to Thrones throughout the media, and the onslaught of your own personal thoughts on the matter for what has happened, and what is to come in this series.

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And so the final Commentary Special for Season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones is upon us all. Watch and listen with the Game of Owns crew as they look back on the end of what began this great show, and the paths of these fated characters.

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Over 100 long episodes has led Game of Owns to this moment — worlds collide when halves of the show finally sit and discuss the events leading to, on, or around the Red Wedding.

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The boys are back this friday with the official follow up to Monday's episode, exploring further into your submitted thoughts on what is to come, what has been, and whether or not songs require an established melody before peformance time.

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Today marks the day in which your four heroes of GOO did finally experience the passing of a very special person, in this very special episode, together. Only one episode of Season 1 remains in this Commentary Special series, enjoy!

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Enjoy this uneventful holiday Monday as Micah, Eric, and Zack are joined by power players of to catch up on the juiciest bits of Season 3, and begin plans for preparing the GOO listening audience for what is yet to come.

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Welcome to Friday of the first episodes just past the 100 mark, Game of Owns comes at you this holiday weekend with a catchup of sorts regarding the last week's buzz around Game of Thrones and its latest episode, carrying large sacks of mail.

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Another Commentary Special is upon us in this fateful week, the week that Game of Owns turns 100, becoming a century old in the longest summer the show has ever seen. The story begins to fall apart and move in place in this George RR Martin penned episode of Game of Thrones.

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Get your last bit of recap GOOeyness for two weeks here on this Monday's episode recorded moments after the airing of the 8th installment of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Joined once again by the Fury herself of, listen and learn the affects of Tyrion's drunken decisions, and much more.

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Join the crew of GOO minus Zack at the end of this week as the overflowing bag of mail is given some much needed attention, and catch up is played while revisiting some of your best thoughts from the latest episode of HBO's Game of Thrones.

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Ned Stark has proven to Littlefinger his worth today as Game of Owns comes at you with another Commentary Special for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 1. Gears are turning and action begins to fall, vows are taken and tasks are handed in the plenty to a disgruntled Jon Snow and his best friend, Micah. Sam.

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The seventh installment in HBO's <i>Game of Thrones</i> Season 3 is upon us! Join the crew of GOO plus's Ours Is The Fury on this episode recorded directly after the airing of the Seven, and on a day reserved for celebrating the Mothers of the world. Especially the Mother of Dragons.

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On this special Friday episode of Game of Owns, join Zack, Selina, and Micah in a sit down with two of the brilliant minds behind Disruptor Beam's massively multiplayer online video game, Game of Thrones Ascent

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In the sixth installment of Commentary Specials by Game of Owns, Tyrion stands trial near a moon door as Ned commands with justice in King's Landing. We've traveled past the midway point in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 1, a pivotal point in the story as characters begin to move into place, or out of place forever.

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The story moves this week as Sunday night brings another brand new episode of HBO's <i>Game of Thrones</i> for the viewing pleasure of all who choose to do so, and some who may not. In an otherwise complacent episode, violence has struck a chord with a selection of our hosts today, while others have been perpetually captivated in the beauty of what lies just south of the Wall.

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Days after the release of the epic 5th episode of HBO's Game of Thrones this week, the man behind its writing himself Bryan Cogman joins the show to hang out with Michah, Selina, Eric, and Zack to talk Thrones and beyond, all while answering your deepest and darkest question submissions.

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Game of Owns reaches the halfway point in their first ever live commentary mini-series for HBO's Game of Thrones Season 1. Ned's detective work receives a boost after a selection of choice information is passed in his general direction from a certain bald spider, as he ignores the educated advice Arya so casually overheard.

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Take a hot, steamy dip this Monday into your latest Game of Owns recorded only minutes after the first half of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 has come to a close. Joined by Winterphil, much anticipated moments, ownments, and scenes play across the screen as we learn more and more about our favorite characters and hosts.

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Join your four heroes of GOO today in a tale of romance, deceit, and mud-caked clothing as legendary Game of Thrones behind the scenes Queen Cat Taylor visits the podcast to share gossip and mugs of Canadian coffee.

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Another week, another brand new Game of Thrones Season 1 commentary from Eric, Zack, Selina, and Micah as they jump into a pivotal episode four in the series. The Crossroads are upon us again on this week's Game of Owns.

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Recorded moments after thousands marched into the future, Game of Owns is back with you this Monday still reeling from the exciting fourth episode in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. 

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Lingering questions from the latest Game of Thrones episode earlier in the week remain floating about the Earth's comment sections, in addition to wheelbarrowed heaps of tweets and emails, waiting to be read! It's Friday on Game of Owns, let's have a great time.

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GOO makes its third version of the incredibly handy and personalized Game of Owns does Game of Thrones commentary episodes this Wednesday as the Starks finally arrive in Kings Landing! Tyrion makes friends at the Wall, a last kiss is shared, and we learn the dullest name in the lands.

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Hand yourself a few spare moments for this Monday's Game of Owns, making its way through a conversation directly after the airing of Episode 3 in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Joined by Winterphil (who single-handedly represents the staff of in this episode), our trusted four heroes brave the endless night and stand strong by their favorite characters. Lend us your ears.

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Hark, hear the words, it's Friday and Selina is back on Game of Owns! Catch up with Selina, Eric, and Zack on their thoughts of the show so far, including a revisitation of the much conversed and speculated Episode 2 Catelyn confessional, and a first time flight for a friend and brand new segment, The Raven.

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Bran has fallen, and an imp needs to slap. GOO is back again as the second week of an adventure in auditory musings reaches its Wednesday release time, the second Commentary Special! Selina is back today as the four being to watch "The Kingsroad" together, and share their thoughts on an episode filled with one-on-one conflict and resolution. 

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Game of Owns is back with their week two conversationing of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Sue joins the cast this week as the boys look into this new episode in which first time introductions for the season are made, old time friends are finally met, and a brand new arch of story could shake its very foundation.

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