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This evening marks the first Friday within the new Game of Thrones season, and the first GOO ever recorded out and about in the world. Travel with Micah as he enjoys VIP night of the Game of Thrones Exhibition currently on its world tour, and a special one on one visit with one of your favorite guests of the show.

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It's finally here, Game of Owns performs a ponderous gaze into the much anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Time stops for no one as the series moves forward and forward, moving our heroes closer and closer to refined theories and love of favorite characters.

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In this Friday episode, GOO welcomes the WinterIsComing crew in for a sit down and celebration of the hysteria inducing premiere of Season 3 being and its wait of ONLY TWO MORE DAYS. A counter ticks to the end of its life as a jovial group of eight get to know each other and future of this story.

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In this very exciting Wednesday episode, the boys are joined by none other than Mr. Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn. It's been months since Kristian's last visit to the show, and he has been up to things. Learn more about his personal experiences filming and thoughts on Season 3, the future of the series, and standing up for George RR Martin's creative decisions. Also, a brand new show is announced! 

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On this brand new Monday, the heads of the Goovian order have a sit down with Whitney, a producer and character from the fabled web series School of Thrones — which over the past month has taken the interwebs by a literal storm of swords. A tale of charm and angsty plot-lines, SoT has captured the lighter side of the series, paying homage to the existing work and stacks of viral fan favorites. Have a listen, learn more about the creation and creative process, in addition to which fruit cocktail ingredient sits on the Iron Throne.

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Another Friday is upon our four heroes as pairs and pairs of hands are warmed graciously by the welcome fires of and those who carry its banner. News is abundant in Westeros as of late, with trailers and talks of stone cold pirates infiltrating the tall walls of our Seven Kingdoms.
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The time has come to shed public light on a blossomed romance that has come to be within the Game of Thrones Universe. No, this time we do not speak of Brienne and Jamie (with many apologies to the loyal shippers), rather a tale of two communities, swiftly traveling shoulder to shoulder North along the Kingsroad. and Game of Owns have joined together in sacred oath of partnership, promising more and more fun ventures in creating things for the listening organs of us all to enjoy. In this episode, we meet the website's founder Phil, who shares a small inside look into the first episode of an approaching new season.

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The time for cheers or tears is here, your four Heroes of GOO have traveled the long field of battle that was A Game of Thrones, first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Talks of the book as a whole have finally reached the show, as we end with Daenerys shifting amidst smoldering heaps of rubble, and riddles of the future.

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Another Friday minus one of your four heroes, but returned by a long gone renegade host fresh from travels across the planet. Today marks the penultimate chapter of the months long Game of Owns analysis across this first great tome of Ice and Fire, riddled with riddles of the future and the clapping of hands.

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A single ungainly tale of personal injury opens this Wednesday episode starring Selina and Eric, both of whom have survived the mid-week battlecall to bring you this snowy Jon Snow chapter as book one moves closer to its end.

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On this Monday episode, we learn just how good a listener Tywin Lannister is; the mission in store for Tyrion is not unlike Micah's mission to collect a Game-of-Thrones-themed copy of Sports Illustrated, and Varys works nights in Braavos.

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GOO coasts into Friday this week as Dany deals with the loss of her once human now dragon child…or is it? Our chapter-by-chapter look at Book One in this great series draws ever more near to finality, and this particular chapter builds much of a foundation for the pages to come.

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It's time to hold poor Sansa's hand and lead her to King's Landing's trophy collection, with Joffrey and the Hound as her dates. Good thing we're here to keep the situation from getting out of hand. This is all Robert's fault, anyway.

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Concurrent with the arrival of a new week, a bundle of bears have appeared before our hosts - by way of a new Season 3 extended trailer, on the Game of Owns: Ascent game for Facebook of which all of our hosts are members, and even in places most unexpected.

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Friday hath come, so climb onto the shoulders of your favorite GOO host and explore the massively massive depths that make up the crypts of Winterfell.
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Join Eric, Selina, and Zack this Wednesday in saying goodbye to the newly GOO anointed Dad of The Year, Eddard Stark.

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The time hath approached for HBO's much awaited Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer. Braving the danger of real-time transmission, your GOO heroes perform the first ever live stream and broadcast of the show, handing out a shot by shot analysis of this new slice of Season 3.

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Celebrate this Friday with your favorite charming chairpeople as they discuss the latest bits of news floating about the Game of Thrones Universe. A brand new handful of Season 2 deleted scenes have graced the interwebs with their presence, in addition to an upcoming original series that places your favorite Thronespeople into the even more treacherous world of high school.
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Together at last, Game of Owns is back four strong as Dany and Drogo make a quickly unprecented pit stop near some brown grass in the desert, and the questionable Witch Doctor Lady does even more questionably questionable things. Questions? 

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Secret oaths of the Solemnly Sworn Soldier Squad have been taken as Robb Stark rides into battle against frenemies and the most beautiful secondhand lion, all on this fateful flavor sealed Monday episode.

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Starting out this weekend on Game of Owns, the possibility and factual hearsay of a brand new Game of Thrones inspired series has inspired Selina, Eric, Zack, Tyrion, and Shagga to head into battle alongside one another.

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This year's Valentine miracle rests heavily on the shoulders of Eric, Selina, and Zack as they battle shoulder against shoulder alongside Dany and her magical field of witch doctor slave saving servants.

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A single foretold mead-filled weekend has filled this week of GOO with Friday numbering not one, but two. Selina is away hunting Alaskans as Micah, Zack, and Eric keep warm by the fire reserved for Old Bear in his tower, recounting their story of Jon Snow and his burned, bloody bastard sword.

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Join the three strong Game of Owns this humpday in an adventure on, off, or around the ever famed and fabled Twins. Walder Frey assumes command of the fate of the realm as he dishes out heaping portions of wisecracks toward the stacks and stacks of offspring littered around his tiny seat and many narrow murder holes.

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Over the past several weeks, Neddard Stark has found his way deep inside the underground of King's Landing, only to be left alone with himself and a collection of haunting memories. One lone visitor descends and dares to speak his name, also get him drunk for free.

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Friday begins three strong as Eric, Selina, and Zack push forward through the snow and debris, heading south for King's Landing. The new king is changing things up, redecorating the throne room and laying off sixty percent of the staff's existing number, only to be replaced with his best of friends. Nepotism, you youu.

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The night draws near this one lone Wednesday as our four heroes brave yet another dark and stormy evening, free of all forms of static and precipitation. The chapter discussed in this episode will be remembered as the first Eric would ever meet book Tywin, and for spelling the end to our crossload-like familiarities. 

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Monday funday begins with talks of weather dominating the minds of our brave hosts, and a mother reuniting with her long lost son (or something like that). Catelyn has joined Robb inside of his now ancient stronghold to discuss the articles of war, in addition to cleaning the dirt from behind his ears (and fixing that annoying cowlick).

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Your favorite quartet of noble miscreants end the week with sizzling bits of flavor sprinkled inside of crates and casks of the finest Dornish vintage, and also find time for continual discussioning along the first collection of chapters in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Thank George It's Friday.

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GOO turns 50 this Thursday as our four hosts dive once again into A Game of Thrones, continuing their chapter-by-chapter conversationing of the literary backbone that is Game of Thrones. Robb begins to leave Bran in charge of Winterfell, deeming his basketcased compadre Hodor fit for storming about the keep and leading the peoples in this time of great peril.

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Game of Owns is back, sledding into 2013 with the frosty chill of winter gnawing slowly at the backs of our four heroes. Listen as the cast reunite and discuss brand new videos surrounding the impending release of Game of Thrones season 3, and much much more.
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