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A collection of thoughts are flooded into this Monday's Game of Owns, recorded directly following the ending of "Oathkeeper" and another mystery from the story.

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From a late-night recording session, Game of Owns returns four hosts strong in a revisitation of Bran's coversation with the weirwood, and a piece-by-piece look into thoughts and theories from listeners like you.

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The wedding is finished, the King is dead, and the cards will fall. Join Eric, Zack, Micah, and special guest Kate as they discuss "Breaker of Chains" and Game of Thrones season 4 as it now stands.

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In this follow up of the heavily discussed Purple Wedding, Game of Owns revisits the scene of the crime, armed with evidence and theories from you — the listeners.

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Game of Owns returns to the studio, moments after the earthshaking events of the Purple Wedding. So far, Game of Thrones Season 4 does not disappoint, with a second episode worthy of the shock and awe to follow.

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Excitement from this past Sunday's premiere has yet to recede as GOO takes a look at further listener thoughts, more from the episode, and the next fateful installment of Game of Thrones Season 4.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 is finally here. Join Eric, Zack, and Micah in the finer points of "Two Swords," and listen to your Owns of the Week be read for the first time since last year's season.

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Countdown to Season 4 with Game of Owns, minutes before the premiere of its first episode.

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Brewmaster Phil Leinhart and Publicity Manager Allison Capozza join the show for a look back at the past few years working with HBO in creating the coveted Game of Thrones beer series, and all things to expect as the clock moves forward.

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Amidst chirping birds and technical difficulties, Game of Owns is filling the studio with friends to reflect on Game of Thrones, and look ahead to the next six days.

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