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A Stark returns to Winterfell, the North remembers. Weddings, bathings, and walking ignite this week's discussion of the recently aired third episode of Game of Thrones season 5. A podcast must learn of a house and its people.

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A visit to Castle Black is due, for reflection on this level of new. A new Lord? A new Lord Commander? Terri Schwartz accompanies us from the top of the Wall, it's time to absorb this news.

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Law, honor, gardens of water, one black and one white door. Season 5’s second episode has shown, a podcast must consider events and how they unfold. 

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Join us by the fire, let's dive back into the season premiere. This marks episode two of opening week — enjoy inspired musical readings of listener submitted correspondence, with dramatic discussion of topics Westeros, and beyond.

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Season 5 is here. A storm of attending audience leads us into this first slice at the new season, and the heavy dramatics of "The Wars to Come".

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Marking the glorious occasion and celebratory atmosphere of the fifth Game of Thrones season's imminent arrival — friend, reporter, and community royal Terri Schwartz enters the GOO fray. Join us for one last breath before it all begins.

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