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Take a hot, steamy dip this Monday into your latest Game of Owns recorded only minutes after the first half of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 has come to a close. Joined by Winterphil, much anticipated moments, ownments, and scenes play across the screen as we learn more and more about our favorite characters and hosts.

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Join your four heroes of GOO today in a tale of romance, deceit, and mud-caked clothing as legendary Game of Thrones behind the scenes Queen Cat Taylor visits the podcast to share gossip and mugs of Canadian coffee.

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Another week, another brand new Game of Thrones Season 1 commentary from Eric, Zack, Selina, and Micah as they jump into a pivotal episode four in the series. The Crossroads are upon us again on this week's Game of Owns.

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Recorded moments after thousands marched into the future, Game of Owns is back with you this Monday still reeling from the exciting fourth episode in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. 

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Lingering questions from the latest Game of Thrones episode earlier in the week remain floating about the Earth's comment sections, in addition to wheelbarrowed heaps of tweets and emails, waiting to be read! It's Friday on Game of Owns, let's have a great time.

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GOO makes its third version of the incredibly handy and personalized Game of Owns does Game of Thrones commentary episodes this Wednesday as the Starks finally arrive in Kings Landing! Tyrion makes friends at the Wall, a last kiss is shared, and we learn the dullest name in the lands.

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Hand yourself a few spare moments for this Monday's Game of Owns, making its way through a conversation directly after the airing of Episode 3 in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Joined by Winterphil (who single-handedly represents the staff of in this episode), our trusted four heroes brave the endless night and stand strong by their favorite characters. Lend us your ears.

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Hark, hear the words, it's Friday and Selina is back on Game of Owns! Catch up with Selina, Eric, and Zack on their thoughts of the show so far, including a revisitation of the much conversed and speculated Episode 2 Catelyn confessional, and a first time flight for a friend and brand new segment, The Raven.

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Bran has fallen, and an imp needs to slap. GOO is back again as the second week of an adventure in auditory musings reaches its Wednesday release time, the second Commentary Special! Selina is back today as the four being to watch "The Kingsroad" together, and share their thoughts on an episode filled with one-on-one conflict and resolution. 

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Game of Owns is back with their week two conversationing of HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3. Sue joins the cast this week as the boys look into this new episode in which first time introductions for the season are made, old time friends are finally met, and a brand new arch of story could shake its very foundation.

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This evening marks the first Friday within the new Game of Thrones season, and the first GOO ever recorded out and about in the world. Travel with Micah as he enjoys VIP night of the Game of Thrones Exhibition currently on its world tour, and a special one on one visit with one of your favorite guests of the show.

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It's finally here, Game of Owns performs a ponderous gaze into the much anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3. Time stops for no one as the series moves forward and forward, moving our heroes closer and closer to refined theories and love of favorite characters.

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