Game of Owns - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones podcast

Today, a mad dash through Westerosian wilds as Arya’s list of trusted allies slowly wilts, and the great Samwell’s own strength and salt is tested beyond measure.

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Jon and Ghost, growing closer to these free folk, continue their task of deep cover within the colorful ranks of Mance's wildling army. Meanwhile in King's Landing, Sansa has been gifted the hands of a seamstress and all that it will bring.

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Starks upon Starks. Arya and company are greeted by a merry group of new friends, while in Riverrun, Catelyn's noble first born returns with a crowd of surprising news.

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In this week’s episode, the brothers Lannister work to achieve calculated ends, only to be met with rigidity from the respective ladies in their life.

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Salladhor Saan proposes a new life for an old friend, who is hell-bent with a dirk in hand.Smoke rises from the mount of Dragonstone, the Onion Knight has returned.

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