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ACOK Chapter 5: Arya II

The Gold Cloaks have located Gendry, bathing along with his road brothers in this weekend's Game of Owns. 

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ACOK Chapter 4: Bran I

It's an old song today on the show as the Big and Little Frey's go head-to-head with our hometown favorites, the Starks. Bran's first chapter in A Clash of Kings is upon us, where truck loads of imagery pointing toward different parts of the story become even more clear.

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ACOK Chapter 3: Tyrion I

Tyrion has returned to King's Landing, sealed letter in hand, as head of the newly structured Lannister cleanup crew to begin the extensively extensive process of removing the dark clouds young King Joffrey has spread over the city. It's Game of Owns, say hello.

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ACOK Chapter 2: Sansa I

Our new King Joffrey has become one year older, and zero years wiser that we can see through the eyes of Sansa throughout her first chapter in a Clash of Kings! A grand tournament has been assembled for young Joff, full of the best competitors the entire Seven Kingdoms have to offer...or something like that.

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ACOK Chapter 1: Arya I

And so it begins, chapter one of George R.R. Martin's amazing Clask of Kings. Arya joins the boys this week in a caravan heading out of King's Landing, and toward the sometimes awkard social exchanges with other young people.

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And so begins the long adventure through George R.R. Martin's fabled A Clash of Kings, guided by your favorite band of invisible talking faces. Meet major players Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth in this first GOO that is back to the books.

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Sit down with the boys in the wake of this week's live show to discuss the loose ends of Season 3, big and small picture plot points moving forward, and reveal their long awaited Owns of the Season! 

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Hear your own voices call in during the show for the first time ever in this live Game of Owns! Hundreds of dedicated listeners braved the cool down of Season 3 and joined the crew for a live recording and group session, discussing the ins and outs of the show so far, and the much awaited listener Owns of the Season!

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The time has come to find a well-made hat to place upon what has become an excellent stop in our journey through this story — HBO's Game of Thrones Season 3 has come to an end, but Game of Owns and the memory of this season will live on!  

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Recorded in the twilight of a very Red Wedding indeed, Game of Owns is back this Friday with further thoughts on the week's events including but not limited to Thrones throughout the media, and the onslaught of your own personal thoughts on the matter for what has happened, and what is to come in this series.

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And so the final Commentary Special for Season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones is upon us all. Watch and listen with the Game of Owns crew as they look back on the end of what began this great show, and the paths of these fated characters.

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Over 100 long episodes has led Game of Owns to this moment — worlds collide when halves of the show finally sit and discuss the events leading to, on, or around the Red Wedding.

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