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Game of Owns is joined by a guest and new friend of the show in a fresh session of group therapy, as the events of last week's Thrones celebrations have drawn to a close.

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Game of Owns takes a look at Tuesday night's special "The Politics of Power" and HBO's third trailer for this upcoming Game of Thrones season..

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GOO returns four hosts strong to catch up on Season 4 related news, indefinite conclusions, and much much more. 

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Egg's true identity has been revealed, and Dunk must face what is left following his crimes against the Kingdoms. Today, we end The Hedge Knight.

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In this third installment of The Hedge Knight, Game of Owns turns 200 and rests on the shoulders of Dunk himself as the tournament at Ashford is now officially underway.

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Dunk and Egg enjoy a brief leave of absence to allow your heroes an opportunity for catchup on some of the exciting news and official releases bleeding into more hype for the upcoming Game of Thrones season.

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Amidst a royal entrance and campsite intruderling, Dunk faces a few unexpected problems. In order to compete in Ashford’s tournament, Dunk must prove that he is a knight.

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