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As the series wears on, so does this podcast. Join Game of Owns this week as they celebrate a very special birthday, and hold a brainstorming session to gather which sort of brothel they would like to open in the future and what sort of amenities their workplace would offer. The latest episode of Game of Thrones was discussed with much detail, and we learn that the torture artist inside of Harrenhal may in fact be a double agent working with Renly Baratheon: fact or fiction? Lots to cover on Game of Owns this week, so dive in.

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Game of Owns is back! Follow along with our panel of hosts as the latest episode of the HBO Game of Thrones series "What is Dead May Never Die" is carefully dissected and theorized. Learn about countryside giants (not the rock band), how to pronounce things, and why one of the hosts is afraid of Bran Stark switching fandoms.

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Game of Owns is back with a full panel this week, buzzing with the excitement of the latest Game of Thrones episode "The Night Lands". Do some of hosts feel sorry for Cersei? What is Crastor doing with the White Walkers? What happened when Zack and Eric went shopping? And what exactly happened on that map table? Find out this week on Game of Owns.

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The second ever episode of Game of Owns, an imp slap is born.

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