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In a very lonely week of Thrones, GOO returns with a look further into topics that remain a mystery, and catch up on your listener owns.

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Holy floor doors. Your hosts of GOO return with much to discuss, jumping right into the falling action of last night’s new Game of Thrones.


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Game of Thrones co-producer and writer Bryan Cogman returns to the show in a catch-up session riddled with questions looking further into Season 4, and much more.

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Justice. Your hosts of GOO return for a spirited recording session following the final frame of The Laws of Gods and Men, including a special announcement in celebration of another outstanding episode of Thrones.

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This Friday follows the past episode's long list of new developments, travelling finally to Craster's Keep, armed with a full supply of your Owns.

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Reaching the halfway point in Game of Thrones Season 4, the hosts of GOO meet to discuss "First of His Name".

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Friday returns with another episode destined for a closer look at the latest Game of Thrones that blew the listener community's collective minds.

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