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ACOK Chapter 22: Catelyn II

Continuing the theme for this week, today we meet an old friend and new character, seeking employment opportunities within a large, mobile summer camp.

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ACOK Chapter 21: Bran III

It's back to the books (as they say) this Monday as Game of Owns returns in full force to bring you another chapter from Bran's eyes, and some new friends who may not be so new, to some of you.

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Winterphil joins the show today as the GOO hosts explore this year's WiCnet Awards, and all of its contenders.

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ACOK Chapter 20: Tyrion V

Heading back into A Clash of Kings, Game of Owns is here with yet another stretch of text in which Tyrion Lannister's strategies become even more complex, and even more dangerous.

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Game of Owns welcomes back Cat Taylor as she takes a small break from the loads of new and exciting work happening with Game of Thrones Season 4, to catch up with your hosts.

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ACOK Chapter 19: Arya V

And the fellowship continues its unravel, leaving Arya and company desperately fighting hunger, and another podcast for listening.

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ACOK Chapter 18: Sansa II

Sansa Stark joins the show today as Game of Owns moves through A Clash of Kings, heading toward a secret meeting at the godswood.

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ACOK Chapter 17: Tyrion IV

Moving forward into A Clash of Kings, Game of Owns has returned this Monday with a look inside of a particular busy day for our friend Tyrion Lannister. Oh the plans he has made.

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ACOK Chapter 16: Bran II

Welcome to the wonder world of Winterfell, where folks from all across the wide realm of the North here in Westeros, come to complain and ask for nice things to be handled for them. As Prince of the North, Bran must ride Hodor about this collection of people, and your GOO hosts must bring you this new chapter from A Clash of Kings.

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ACOK Chapter 15: Tyrion III

Game of Owns is back in full force, yet again for another chapter moving forward into our story, thanks to a Mr. Tyrion Lannister. The small council faces a big issue today, with questionable options on how to handle it, SO DON'T YOU STOP LISTENING.

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ACOK Chapter 14: Arya IV

Monday hath returned, and in proper fashion so does this show. The gang is in full force, taking a handful of surprise calls and chats with listeners like you, and talking Arya's violent new chapter in A Clash of Kings.

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