Game of Owns - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones podcast

Join Micah, Eric, and Zack in a day of thanks and celebration as your friends in spirit share in a day of thanks with one another, to the sound of your collective shoutings of thanks and jubilatory happenings.

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ACOK Chapter 54: Tyrion 12 

Tensions between brother and sister are at an all-time high as Cersei reveals her capture of someone close to Tyrion. Meanwhile, your hosts prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

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ACOK Chapter 53: Jon VII

Fate has been extra generous to Jon Snow this day, as he dreams his way into adventures previously reserved for another Stark brother. Eric and Micah dodge some dastardly eagles and try to avoid the poking Weirwoods on their path.

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ACOK Chapter 52: Sansa IV

Sansa is seeking a way out of King's Landing before the troops of Stannis arrive. However something occurs which ensures all eyes, including those of Eric and Micah (your faithful reading companions), are on her.

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ACOK Chapter 51: Jon VI

Join your favorite band of outliers (plus Jon Snow and a man named Stonesnake) in a climb to the top of your Monday evening, and then some.

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ACOK Chapter 50: Theon IV

Eric and Micah travel hand in hand through the forest of Theon Greyjoy’s unsettled mind, in search of the Stark children and small moments of silence between each speeding train.

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ACOK Chapter 49: Tyrion XI

Join Micah and Zack this Humpday as they revisit some of your undying theories, and enjoy an afternoon stroll along the walls of Kings Landing.

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ACOK Chapter 48: Daenerys IV

This new episode marks a turning point in the show, where dreams become reality and fear of future devastation and misery haunt Daenerys Stormborn as she travels through a labyrinth of sorrow.

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ACOK Chapter 47: Arya IX

A girl must give a man a name, and a show must discover another monumental deviance from a book to the television series.

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ACOK Chapter 46: Bran VI

Theon Greyjoy, cloaked in nought but shadow, enters the quiet collection of wood and stone known by name as Winterfell, and disrupts the path of our young Prince Bran forever.

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ACOK Chapter 45: Catelyn VI
Whispers of the Halloween season fade away as your brave hosts join Catelyn and the Tully’s in their defense of Riverrun.
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Eric and Zack ring in the upcoming Halloween offseason with story, song, and slides of your excellent Halloween costume submissions.

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