Game of Owns - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones podcast

Eric patiently listens as Micah recounts a midday excursion to New York City's Game of Thrones Exhibition, wherein the wall was scaled and a throne was sat. Listen and stock up on some recent news, including a very interesting listener email.

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ACOK Chapter 68: Jon VIII

The men are given new orders. Jon and the Halfhand press on alone in the snow, but not in the sky.

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ACOK Chapter 67: Tyrion XV

Within a new bedchamber, the Lion Tyrion Lannister has awoken to the news of his "father's" victory, and his sister's most certain failure.

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ACOK Chapter 66: Theon VI

In his last appearance of A Clash of Kings, Theon Greyjoy faces the might of the North, and the answers for his actions.

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ACOK Chapter 65: Sansa VIII

The battle is over, and the royal family must reward those who remained loyal in the fiery Blackwater. Sansa leaves us in her final chapter of A Clash of Kings, with a cliffhanger of both very good and very very bad news.

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ACOK Chapter 64: Arya X

With some of the sharpest book to show differences found so far, say farewell to young wolf girl Arya Stark as her final chapter in A Clash of Kings wanes to a close.

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Episode 2, with the Distant Wolf

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Join GOO in a Monday like no other as a communicative mumblefest follows the world premiere of the very first Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer.

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Welcome to a Friday for the ages on this appropriated program fashioned for your listening organs as your hosts meet only moments after HBO's announcement of Season 4's release date, armed with a large bag of tweets and excited comments.

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ACOK Chapter 63: Daenerys V

The city of Qarth has outgrown Daenerys Stormborn and friends, but there is yet unfinished business that must be resolved before heading on their respective paths.

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Listen in on an evening decorated with carpeted pathways of red, fluted glass filled with celebratory champagne, and the tally of your votes across 2013 for the best of the best in Game of Thrones Season 3.

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ACOK Chapter 62: Sansa VII

In the midst of almost certain defeat, Cersei abandons the Hens for a change in scenery and decorum, leaving Sansa to rally their spirits and say one final goodbye.

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ACOK Chapter 61: Tyrion XIV

The battle rages forward, across a vast bridge of burning boats that once carried the hope of brave, brave men. Accompanied by Podrick, Tyrion and the GOO crew bring you the first chapter and episode of 2014.

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