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One long walk is due, for this final stride into the end season 5. Mother has shown no mercy, a podcast must attempt to lift, handle, and arrange the pieces which remain.

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From a kitchen in a village of Chicago your hosts convene for one final occasion, following a new episode of this fifth Game of Thrones season. 

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We've reached the Great Games, and finally, the end of this fifth adventure. One episode remains, before diving directly back into the long wait between seasons. Today, GOO takes one last long look at the future and this pivotal ninth episode.

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Another ninth episode, gone. With it, loss this community had not previously expected or imagined, as the plots thicken and build toward this fifth season's sure to be epic conclusion. The story and a podcast sail onward.

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With days to gather wits about the podcast, we return to the shores of our story, and Hardhome.

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Spellbound from the contents, path, and conclusion of the eighth installment of this fifth season, your hosts fall into conversation directly following the finish.

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