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Finally, it is time to share tale of the chance meeting of Lion and Dragon, in the lower pits of Meereen. In Northern Westeros a lady carves her fate, strategic tools at the ready.

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Today, we interrupt the season's programming for a special occasion. Following the fun of last week's Game of Owns live show and concert in Denver, a conversation with Westerosian rock band "Daenerys and the Targaryens" was recorded for your listening pleasures. This is that interview. Please enjoy this look into the life and story of crafting a fandom fueled musical act.

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The gift of "The Gift" has been given, your hosts meeting minutes following its Sunday night premiere. Winter is coming (and with it a collection of trouble in the North), King's Landing is in chaos — a podcast simply does not know where to begin. Let's dive in. 


Prepare for these upcoming episodes.

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Your hosts return for another dive into the ups, downs, and upside downs of "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

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Weddings, beddings, hate and love in a garden. Crossing the halfway point, we move further into what has become an increasingly dark fifth season. Terri Schwartz joins for a podcast's first discussion of "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

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Among the mythical stone, we boat along to the tune of a thousand tales from long ago. The story, and our heroes, move forward.

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Men of stone, broken towers, word of marriage, crumbled walls... A conventional description will not do. Five of five is here, with far too much to talk through.

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The stakes are rising, several different sides play a many faced game. In this episode, a ghost of the past casts one dark shadow on those of the living. Let's head below.

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Ghosts of the past presented to the future haunt this fourth step into our fifth season, winter is indeed coming. Recorded directly after the episode's final scene, a podcast must reflect, grieve, and anticipate this complicated game's following position.

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The course is set, paths are crossing like never before. Our characters move steadily Northward, heading for the East — for revenge, power, and honor. What do these signs mean? Hop in the wagon for a final go at events so far, Sunday is coming.

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