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The epic Clash of Kings happening directly in the midst of the Landing of Kings is upon us, and this week 3 of our podcasting heroes finallly meet to discuss the goings on and implications of the grueling (and long awaited) battle and conflict that took place inside of Blackwater Bay. Rally with the hosts this week as they pinpoint the influence Martin himself laid into the episode, and the several bits of Lord of the Rings that may have made its way into the fight as well. As the series is drawing to an ever nearer close, several relationships and loose-ends begin to wrap up in this incredibly hyped meeting of the Kings.

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The longest GOO to date takes place this week as the full cast unite for a discussion of the latest episode in the HBO series Game of Thrones, just before the long awaited Blackwater episode arrives. Zack threatens an actor from the show, Terrance gets a little too worked up over a certain scene, Selina questions Eric motives in regards to Jon Snow, and Micah shares a very recent personal situation where may have encountered a leader of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Men without honor litter the conversations this week as the team jumps right in to human BBQ scenarios that one of our hosts may or may not be visiting just after the recording of this episode. Your Owns of the Week are read just at the top of the show, setting a precedent and leading them in to the reveal that HBO has done some reshooting due to opinions on a previous episode. Is that a woman? No. It is just the boys this week on Game of Owns.

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An episode of quick changes in character have driven the hosts to question their feelings toward certain characters, and in one case, overlook evil doing. For the first time ever Owns of the Week from you the listeners have landed into the episode, and the bigger picture of the series as a whole is discussed. Wiggle your hips with us this week on Game of Owns.

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We have reached the midpoint of Series 2, and just the beginning of the Game of Owns podcast. Our panel of hosts have sharp and mixed reactions to the several jaw-dropping moments from "The Ghost of Harrenhal" including but not limited to Melisandre and her tattoo, Tryion and the demon monkey, and the stark lark of pornography inside of this episode.

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