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The night draws near this one lone Wednesday as our four heroes brave yet another dark and stormy evening, free of all forms of static and precipitation. The chapter discussed in this episode will be remembered as the first Eric would ever meet book Tywin, and for spelling the end to our crossload-like familiarities. 

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Monday funday begins with talks of weather dominating the minds of our brave hosts, and a mother reuniting with her long lost son (or something like that). Catelyn has joined Robb inside of his now ancient stronghold to discuss the articles of war, in addition to cleaning the dirt from behind his ears (and fixing that annoying cowlick).

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Your favorite quartet of noble miscreants end the week with sizzling bits of flavor sprinkled inside of crates and casks of the finest Dornish vintage, and also find time for continual discussioning along the first collection of chapters in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Thank George It's Friday.

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GOO turns 50 this Thursday as our four hosts dive once again into A Game of Thrones, continuing their chapter-by-chapter conversationing of the literary backbone that is Game of Thrones. Robb begins to leave Bran in charge of Winterfell, deeming his basketcased compadre Hodor fit for storming about the keep and leading the peoples in this time of great peril.

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Game of Owns is back, sledding into 2013 with the frosty chill of winter gnawing slowly at the backs of our four heroes. Listen as the cast reunite and discuss brand new videos surrounding the impending release of Game of Thrones season 3, and much much more.
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