Game of Owns - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones podcast

Gather round yon crackling fire and join the hosts of GOO in a celebration of all things celebratorial.

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ACOK Chapter 60: Sansa VI

Two guys and a girl lead you through a telling conversation between Sansa and the Queen — riddled with lots of wine, women, and an impressive assortment of war-time finger foods.

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ACOK Chapter 59: Tyrion XIII

Blackwater blazes forward as the battle threatens the Mud Gate and all housed within Kings Landing, with none to save them but an evil demon monkey.
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ACOK Chapter 58: Davos III

Ser Davos Seaworth and his fleet of ill-informed seaships coast into Blackwater Bay, to begin their assault on the Landing of Kings!

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ACOK Chapter 57: Sansa V

Sansa Stark does spare a prayer for the gemmed and suited King Joffrey Baratheon as Kings Landing begins the defense against his dear Uncle's invading mass of ship and foe.

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Game of Owns returns with another chapter into the cold and lonely stone of Winterfell, where Theon's dear sister does visit his long-lived home away from home, with great advice that is far too lost.

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ACOK Chapter 55: Catelyn VII

Join the crew of GOO in a Humpday stroll through Catelyn Stark's final point of view in A Clash of Kings!

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