Game of Owns - The Game of Thrones podcast

Eric patiently listens as Micah recounts a midday excursion to New York City's Game of Thrones Exhibition, wherein the wall was scaled and a throne was sat. Listen and stock up on some recent news, including a very interesting listener email.

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ACOK Chapter 68: Jon VIII

The men are given new orders. Jon and the Halfhand press on alone in the snow, but not in the sky.

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ACOK Chapter 67: Tyrion XV

Within a new bedchamber, the Lion Tyrion Lannister has awoken to the news of his "father's" victory, and his sister's most certain failure.

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ACOK Chapter 66: Theon VI

In his last appearance of A Clash of Kings, Theon Greyjoy faces the might of the North, and the answers for his actions.

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ACOK Chapter 65: Sansa VIII

The battle is over, and the royal family must reward those who remained loyal in the fiery Blackwater. Sansa leaves us in her final chapter of A Clash of Kings, with a cliffhanger of both very good and very very bad news.

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ACOK Chapter 64: Arya X

With some of the sharpest book to show differences found so far, say farewell to young wolf girl Arya Stark as her final chapter in A Clash of Kings wanes to a close.

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Episode 2, with the Distant Wolf

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Join GOO in a Monday like no other as a communicative mumblefest follows the world premiere of the very first Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer.

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Welcome to a Friday for the ages on this appropriated program fashioned for your listening organs as your hosts meet only moments after HBO's announcement of Season 4's release date, armed with a large bag of tweets and excited comments.

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ACOK Chapter 63: Daenerys V

The city of Qarth has outgrown Daenerys Stormborn and friends, but there is yet unfinished business that must be resolved before heading on their respective paths.

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