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Celebrate the season with us and the gang at Craster's Keep, where bread and bones are to be broken. And we can't forget Sandor Claus, with his tidings of comfort and joy at the hands of those without banners.

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Father Lannister sets to work on more options for his sons, whilst his previously planned plans work into effect. Tyrion heads back to work, and the resolution of the brutal attack on Jaime is finally upon us.
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Tansy and The Peach greet our well-worn travelers to the Stoney Sept, amidst rubble, disorder, and watered wine. In the North, a race to the Wall's summit leads Jon's companions to a chilly fate.

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Two hundred and fifty episodes later, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark are to be wed. All of these episodes later, Daenerys sets a fire in their flesh.

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Following a visit from the Lady Melisandre, two former Hands greet one another in a dank, warm prison. Beyond the Wall, Jon parts with an old friend, and grows even closer to Ygritte.

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Among the dusty ranks of Astapor, Daenerys discovers her path. Far far away, huddled in a cave, Hodor and Bran are treated to a particularly fascinating Reed-spun tale.

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Jaime seizes a quick opportunity to outsmart Brienne following poor cousin Frey’s descent from horseback, to be met only with more than he anticipates. Along the same countryside Arya travels further into the future, on the trail of elusive men without banners.

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An assembly of King Joffrey's noble council discuss matters of the crown, and the will of Tywin Lannister. Meanwhile, treacherous murdering bannermen are placed before the King in the North.

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Today, a mad dash through Westerosian wilds as Arya’s list of trusted allies slowly wilts, and the great Samwell’s own strength and salt is tested beyond measure.

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Jon and Ghost, growing closer to these free folk, continue their task of deep cover within the colorful ranks of Mance's wildling army. Meanwhile in King's Landing, Sansa has been gifted the hands of a seamstress and all that it will bring.

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