Game of Owns - The Game of Thrones podcast

Gather round yon crackling fire and join the hosts of GOO in a celebration of all things celebratorial.

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ACOK Chapter 60: Sansa VI

Two guys and a girl lead you through a telling conversation between Sansa and the Queen — riddled with lots of wine, women, and an impressive assortment of war-time finger foods.

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ACOK Chapter 59: Tyrion XIII

Blackwater blazes forward as the battle threatens the Mud Gate and all housed within Kings Landing, with none to save them but an evil demon monkey.
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ACOK Chapter 58: Davos III

Ser Davos Seaworth and his fleet of ill-informed seaships coast into Blackwater Bay, to begin their assault on the Landing of Kings!

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ACOK Chapter 57: Sansa V

Sansa Stark does spare a prayer for the gemmed and suited King Joffrey Baratheon as Kings Landing begins the defense against his dear Uncle's invading mass of ship and foe.

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Game of Owns returns with another chapter into the cold and lonely stone of Winterfell, where Theon's dear sister does visit his long-lived home away from home, with great advice that is far too lost.

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ACOK Chapter 55: Catelyn VII

Join the crew of GOO in a Humpday stroll through Catelyn Stark's final point of view in A Clash of Kings!

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Join Micah, Eric, and Zack in a day of thanks and celebration as your friends in spirit share in a day of thanks with one another, to the sound of your collective shoutings of thanks and jubilatory happenings.

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ACOK Chapter 54: Tyrion 12 

Tensions between brother and sister are at an all-time high as Cersei reveals her capture of someone close to Tyrion. Meanwhile, your hosts prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

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ACOK Chapter 53: Jon VII

Fate has been extra generous to Jon Snow this day, as he dreams his way into adventures previously reserved for another Stark brother. Eric and Micah dodge some dastardly eagles and try to avoid the poking Weirwoods on their path.

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